WellBiz Brands are all about supporting clients in their healthy and balanced lifestyle. While your business promotes health and wellness in its own way, there may be an unusual risk to that goal—product safety concerns.

Whether through equipment malfunction or reactions to certain cosmetic products, there are product safety concerns that can impact your business.

Managing product safety concerns is crucial to maintaining a favorable experience for your clients and reducing the odds of a claim against your business.

Managing Product Safety Concerns for WellBiz Franchisees

Follow Product Instructions

Certain beauty products, such as texturizers, straighteners, dyes, glues and paint can contain chemicals that can be harmful after repeated exposure.

  • Encourage workers who use these substances to wear protective masks, gloves and aprons during use.
  • Always follow the specific handling instructions on the product packaging.

Ask About Common Allergens

Even the most standard procedure can go wrong if someone has an allergy or sensitivity.  Beyond true allergies, some fragrances, artificial colorings, dyes and chemicals can cause irritation in clients, causing a negative experience.

  • Prior to using products on clients, always ask for any known allergens.
  • Consider carrying a hypoallergenic or fragrance-free line of products.

Keep Equipment in Good Shape

Hair styling tools, massage chairs, esthetician beds, heaters, training equipment and more—these products are required to operate your business.

If your equipment were to malfunction or break, and injure a client, it could not only disrupt your day-to-day operations, but lead to a claim.

  • Schedule maintenance checkups on specialized equipment at least twice per year.
  • Keep records of purchases, installations, product warranties, maintenance and more.
  • Train staff on the proper usage of business equipment. All employees should understand how to troubleshoot equipment and the standard safety measures during use.

Be Aware of Product Recalls

While the amount of beauty, personal care and hygiene products recalled in the United States is typically quite low, there were 30 recalls in 2020—more than the previous five years combined. Equipment and furniture recalls tend to be more common, so it pays to be aware.

  • Follow the news and industry resources to be aware of new recalls.
  • Sign up for email notifications from Recalls.gov for regular lists of recalls from federal agencies.
  • Report any incidents and safety concerns with products at SaferProducts.gov.

Insurance Protection for Managing Product Safety Concerns

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