Your business changes from year to year, and your insurance may need to change with it. Whether your franchise experiences workforce changes, services changes or business changes, it’s important that your insurance coverage stays up to date. Lockton Affinity offers access to a variety of insurance products that can help safeguard your business throughout it all. Here’s what to know.


If the size of your workforce changes…

Franchises, like all businesses, go through periods of growth where new employees are added and slowdowns where the workforce shrinks. Workers’ Compensation is an important coverage that helps protect both you and your workforce. But if your workforce changes, you may need to update your policy.

Coverage is based on the number of employees you have as well as their roles and compensation. If you’ve shed employees recently, you may even be able to save on your premium. The right coverage will give you confidence you’re protected and compliant.

The Lockton Affinity difference:

At Lockton Affinity, we understand the unique risks franchise employers face. Our Workers’ Compensation coverage is available to cover your employees for on-the-job injuries, regardless of fault. Plus, our policies are written to be in compliance with individual state laws.

If the services you offer change…

Businesses change their service offerings from time to time, adding them to drive new business and reducing them when they’re not needed.  If you add new services, your General Liability or Business Owner coverage may not automatically cover these activities.

The Lockton Affinity difference:

With more than 35 years in business, we know how to support the unique needs of businesses like yours. In fact, we custom tailor, implement and manage insurance solutions for more than 90 franchise brands. Whether you need to adjust your General Liability coverage or add an entirely new coverage, we’ve got you covered.

If your business needs change…

Franchise businesses undergo all sorts of changes in the course of a year, including some you might not even think matter. For instance, have you invested in new equipment for your business recently? Upgraded your computer network, equipment or parking lot? Acquired or sold a piece of adjoining property? Leased a second location or storage space? Though some changes may seem small, they can impact your overall risk, so it’s important to have just the right coverage to match.

The Lockton Affinity difference:

With Lockton Affinity, you can get coverage and limits that are made just for WellBiz franchises. Our dedicated representatives can help you tailor an insurance solution that covers everything you need and nothing you don’t. Plus, we do it all with efficient processes that service your needs so you can get back to running your business.


Meeting Your Insurance Needs Now and in the Future

Whatever changes your business has experienced, Lockton Affinity is here to help support your insurance needs, including a no-obligation risk review. Simply send us your current insurance coverage and we will review your coverage, limits and business exposures free of charge to ensure you have the right protection in place.

Contact one of our dedicated representatives today at (866) 597-1346 or [email protected] to get started.