You hire talented, trained, certified employees. But do you stay on top of your employee’s certifications?

Certification durations vary from state to state and profession to profession, but many states have a two-year renewal cycle.

Maintaining your employees’ certifications not only helps your business offer the safest, cleanest care—it also protects your business against claims. Stay up to date on your employees’ certifications with these tips.

Managing employee certifications: New hires

While there’s a lot to keep in mind when interviewing and hiring for your business, thinking about certifications and licensing can be beneficial.

  • When hiring, ask if prospective employees have current licenses and certificates.
  • If a prospective employee is from out of state, ensure they have a plan to get a license from your state of work.
  • Create a spreadsheet with all employees’ certifications and their expiration dates.
  • Add new employees’ information upon their hiring.
  • Ensure they have a license in your state of operation.
  • If you have multiple locations across state lines, consider requiring licensure in both states.

Managing employee certifications: Tenured employees

Your dedicated, long-term employees likely know how often they need to renew their certifications. However, you can remind them and make it easier for them to renew so they can continue being valuable employees without a hiccup.

  • Set reminders about upcoming expirations.
  • Send regular reminders to employees about their upcoming certification expirations.
  • Share continuing education opportunities.
  • Consider paying employees’ certification renewal fees or reimbursing employees for their certification fees.


Tailored coverage for your franchise

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