Insurance isn’t like most products you buy — your policy might stay “in the box” quite a while before you need it. With such a big gap between your purchase and needing access to your insurance, it may be hard to remember how to report a claim. Luckily, the claim process for Lockton Affinity is easy.

If an incident occurs and you need to report a claim, it’s simple to do. All you need to remember are these five easy steps.

1. Decide to File a Claim

The first step in the claim process is deciding whether filing a claim is necessary.

It can be difficult to gauge which incidents will amount to nothing and which will lead to a costly settlement. This is why it is often best to err on the side of caution and report every incident to your claims specialist.

Questions to ask: Does the situation have the potential to escalate into a claim? Was there a mistake made or did an accident or injury occur?

2. File Your Claim Promptly

The next step is to take action as soon as you’ve determined filing a claim is warranted.

Prompt claim reporting leads to better outcomes for you and your business. You may be able to settle the claim sooner, without the other party hiring a lawyer. Memories will be fresh, and evidence will be available to help your case.

In short, prompt reporting:

  • Saves time and money
  • Better protects your business
  • Reduces worry and stress

Questions to ask: Will I remember the details of this incident weeks or months from now if I do not report it now?

3. Compile the Necessary Information

The next step is to gather together the information your insurer will need to process your claim.

The more thorough the information you compile from the start, the more efficiently your claim will likely be settled. Be sure to collect this information when you are ready to file:

  • Copies of incident reports, witness reports, photographs, videos and other documentation
  • Your business’s insurance policy number
  • Contact information for yourself
  • Contact information for any other involved parties and claimants

Questions to ask: Could this information be helpful in settling the claim? (If the answer is yes, include it.)

4. Submit Your Claim

The next step is to submit your claim to your insurance. Here’s what to expect.

Your insurance carrier will work with you to file your claim. If you know your policy number, you can contact your carrier directly to begin the claims process.

If you have any questions before getting started, be sure to call Lockton Affinity’s dedicated customer service representatives at (866) 597-1346. We will help ensure you have compiled the right information and provide you with the contact details for your policy’s specific claims team.

Once you reach out to the claims team, they will assign a claims adjuster. The adjuster will review your claim and interview any involved parties.

Please note, it may take 24–48 hours to hear back from the adjuster. If you haven’t heard back after 48 hours, you can contact Lockton Affinity for help expediting the process.

Questions to ask: Do I know my policy number, or do I need help with my claim from customer service? How long has it been since the adjuster was assigned? Do I need to follow up?

5. Complete Your Claim

The last step in the claim process is the completion of your claim. The outcome is determined, the claim is approved, and payment is issued.

After the claims adjuster settles the claim, the appropriate party will receive payments for the loss. For claims where your business has suffered the loss, the adjuster will contact you to arrange payment according to the terms of your policy. For claims where the loss was suffered by a third party, the adjuster will facilitate payment directly with that third party on your behalf.

As your claim wraps up, it’s a good idea to review the circumstances that led to the claim and look for ways to minimize the risk of a similar claim occurring again in the future.

Questions to ask: Has my claim been settled and paid? How can the situation be avoided in the future? What can I do to reduce the odds of my business experiencing a claim like this again?


Filing an insurance claim isn’t something most businesses do very often. It’s more likely you are focused on running your business and taking smart risk management steps to minimize your chance of a claim.

But, if you ever do need to access your insurance, it’s easy to file a claim with Lockton Affinity’s support in just a few simple steps.

While claims can be stressful, we offer guidance and expertise to help you get back to running your business. To learn more about our claim reporting process, contact Lockton Affinity at (866) 597-1346 or